Male grooming and Men’s Beauty App, yes, I’m back with Apps!

I used to develop apps for social media, now my job is to develop an app for male grooming and men’s beauty that tells dudes what hair conditioner to use each day and whether they are running out of razors

As many of you will know it has been some time since my last apps project. Creating apps can really burn one down with all the coding and what not and I did truly experience that back in the day. Even more, there isn’t much money to be made on apps unless you are making some Facebook app that goes wildly viral and you could count with one hand the number of apps that are lucky to go like that per year.


I was contacted by the owners of a very peculiar forum about male grooming called Barbershop Forums. Barbershop Forums is an online community to talk about all the stuff us guys do to make ourselves look more handsome, say, by buying new colognes, buying more razors and buying skin creams to keep our skin like that of a baby. To be honest with you guys, I have never joined or come across a male grooming forum per se so I was quite surprised when I received an email from the guys owning Barbershop Forums on a recommendation from another programmer friend of mine. Basically what these guys need is an application that covers your daily grooming needs in the likes of how much shaving cream you have left, how many razors you have left, whether today is your hair conditioner day or if you have to use a skin moisturizer or a skin exfoliation product for men. Seriously, when they told me they cover all this beauty and grooming stuff over at the Barbershop Forums I could not believe them but after browsing the forum and seeing threads such as “what men’s skin moisturizers to buy” I was convinced these guys were real and genuinely looking for an application for their forum.

Developing the app with a male grooming theme

Obviously I was not acquainted with the needs for a man’s grooming so they had to give me a quick male grooming 101 so I could get a better picture of what they were looking for. It was pretty much what I listed before but it boiled down to:

  • Keeping track of men’s grooming products and how much they have left
  • Suggesting new make grooming options such as washing your hair with water alone or shampoo if you were cleaning your hair a second time that day
  • Choosing the male cologne according to what kind of setting you were going to be in (dating, with friends, work)
  • For men with curly hair, it would suggest the kind of special men’s hair products ti use in order to take into account humidity and the fact that straightened hair will become curly again if it becomes wet (imagine some random dude with straightened hair stepping into work with a full afro no one was expecting! apparently this has happened to more than one curly haired dude according to the owners of Barbershop Forums, so this need is legit LOL)

There are more stuff that is to be considered but at this point in time it would be a beta app that I would provide and they have yet to review it which brings the next point…

The male grooming app is yet to be approved by the guys from Barbershop Forums

Essentially we stroke a deal. Since these guys from Barbershop Forums know the friend who referred them and they have been assured of what I can do with apps (despite the fact I haven’t been working much on them for a long time) they decided to pay me a good amount of bucks just for the effort to come up with a beta version covering some simple male grooming needs which require some not very extensive tables and database linking.

This was my face when they asked me to developed a male grooming and beauty app for metrosexuals

This was my face when they asked me to developed a male grooming and beauty app for metrosexuals

I have yet to finish the app and I think I have a couple of weeks left but that still falls within the time frame they gave me, so the beta version will be available to them in due time. They will be paying me more upon completion of the beta version and then we wil see whether to continue with a full app.

Having spoken with the guys from barbershop Forums, they stroke me as some pretty smart guys: they know what they want and they want to associate themselves with the best people – and I am not talking for myself since they did actually ask my friend first for the app development but he’s too busy working like 80 hours per week with the multinational that’s enslaving him LOL although I will admit I can make some pretty solid apps anyway.

From all of the above, I shall be updating you guys with what’s the next move and any other apps I have in the horizon, so stay tuned to my rejuvenated blog and to my endeavors!

And who knows, I may just be on my way to developing a multimillionaire app that will be changing forever the face of the male grooming and men’s beauty industry…